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Whether you're a small business, sole trader or a startup, you know that marketing is essential for your business. You know you need to have a strong brand, attract new customers and retain existing ones to be successful. We know that with most of your time being spent on actually running your business, the reality is that its hard to find time to focus on marketing.

This is where kameleon can help. We offer affordable marketing services for small businesses.  We will do your marketing for you, while you get on with running your business. Its a perfect partnership with the right experience being put in the right places, all working towards the same goal - your goal.

Flexible and affordable marketing services

Our name reflects our ability to be fully adaptable, both to individual business needs and the marketing budgets available. Kameleon's flexibility offers you the tailor-made marketing you need - without compromise and without the large consultancy fees or the full time salary. We offer a blend of marketing services - you simply choose the services you need. Since small businesses need to budget tightly, our services are priced with that in mind - no job is too small - and because we run a virtual office with little overheads, we reflect that in our costs to you.

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Kameleon Marketing

Marketing services for small businesses, sole traders and startups.

Brighton and Hove, Sussex and the South East.

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What our clients have to say…

Karan has continuously proved her grasp of marketing for small businesses; she has helped us clarify our market and offered clear, actionable advice & expertise that is already showing promise.  We will certainly be using kameleon’s services in the future.
Uuli Moran, Modetro
“Karan goes out of her way to be of assistance and has suggested several marketing strategies which have strengthened my business.  Her social media and technical savvy has been and is, of immense value.  A reliable treasure and associate to the business.”
Laurel Alexander, Wellness Professionals at Work
Kameleon consistently offers me excellent advice on marketing, branding and promotion and most recently helped me develop an urgent press release to promote an event, which was needed almost overnight. I would highly recommend bringing Kameleon on board.
Bob Hicks, Horizons Management Consulting
The service from Kameleon was fantastic. Friendly, reliable, flexible and affordable! I had an idea what I wanted my brand and website to look and feel like and they surpassed my expectations massively. Karan also helped me open my eyes to more audiences that I can take my product to and different ways of marketing it to them.Thank you!
Chris Laing, Brighton Land Paddle

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