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Recently, I have been working a lot with start-ups or small businesses needing a rebrand. Needless to say logo development has been a big part of the last month of work – and to be honest, has been the fun part too (she says, as she pushes aside her cost spread sheet and piles of receipts for yet another day!).

When I work with clients on developing their logo, I am often amazed at the ideas they already have in their mind – even if they don’t think they are worth discussing. We all have creative juices you know!

So that’s where we start – what do you already see in your mind’s eye? What is instinctively in your head about how you want your business to look and feel? This is so important – since your business is exactly that – YOURS. And your head is a secret place where no one else can go – so you need to download these thoughts to your designer / consultant / agency or whoever you are working with. It’s often a very good platform to start evolving your ideas.

Next, you need to consider what your logo needs to represent. I am not a fan of logo’s that don’t relate to the business they are trying to represent – you’ve seen the ones….with random marks here and there or a sudden splurge of colour for no apparent reason – this confuses the customer immediately. Consider your target audience, what your business offers and try to balance that with your own thoughts about your business look and feel.

Consider colours and what they say about you and your business. For example, I chose four colours to tie in with my Kameleon brand – chameleons are colourful creatures and I have a colourful personality (when my baby girl sleeps well anyway) and so it was important for me to have colour in my logo. Soft colours like lavender, pale blue and pale green are often used for wellness businesses – they relate to nature, chakra colours and spirituality. Bold colours are often used for technology companies – stating their place in a competitive market.

Finally – and this is my biggest tip – Google logo designs. It’s a fantastic way to get ideas and to visually discuss options with your designer – this will help them to get a good brief from you, which in turn means they should deliver logo options that hit the spot and then just need to be tweaked.

More than anything ENJOY the process – it’s a journey and in the end you will have a visual, but personal and very satisfying, identity for your business.

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