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LinkedIn is a powerful marketing platform for brand awareness and lead generation, particularly for small businesses owners wanting low cost business to business marketing channels. It’s often overlooked in business to consumer marketing where it can prove a useful platform, after all your customers and prospects are multi-dimensional people with professional lives and quite probably a LinkedIn profile to boot. Plus, if any further reason were needed, a LinkedIn page is like a mini second website that can perform well in your SEO giving you more visibility in  Google.

So, once you have your LinkedIn business page complete, here are ten ways on and off the page to grow your followers and increase your reach and engagement:

1. Make sure your page is SEO ready and optimised for search

Just like your website and blogs, your LinkedIn page can be optimised for search, both within LinkedIn and outside of it, and the usual SEO practices apply. Focus on powerful, keyword rich content in your tagline and about section. Google displays the first 156 of your text in results so make them count.

2. Keep your page fresh with regular content

A regular flow of fresh content on your page will help improve your organic reach. Pages that post updates once a week or more will see an engagement lift which helps put your content in front of more potential followers. Make the most of the LinkedIn Content Suggestions feature to help with your content marketing.

3. Make your content a mix of video and visual

On the subject of content, make sure it includes plenty of visually appealing images. Imagery, particularly videos, stand out more in feeds and help your business get noticed. In particular, LinkedIn say that custom image collages drive higher levels of engagement, so don’t be shy on uploading relevant photos!

4. Use Page analytics to fine tune your content

Finally, on the content front, if you’re still unsure what you should be posting then use the page analytics for demographic information about your followers and visitors, and engagement statistics on your updates. Use these insights to fine tune what’s working and what’s not to better align it with your visitor’s preferences.

5. Use hashtags and join topical conversations

Hashtags were introduced on LinkedIn in 2018 and are just as important for new followers to find you as they are on other social media platforms but with the obvious difference of always needing to remain professional. To reach new and relevant followers use hashtags – between three and five relevant ones – in your updates and articles. Don’t forget to engage with more hashtags in the Communities Hashtag panel and get involved commenting on posts that are relevant to your business.

6. Build your engagement on posts and be reciprocal

Reactions and comments to your posts help expose that content to a wider audience. Encourage thoughtful and in-depth comments in the content of your posts and remember to comment back with something interesting and valuable too. Good comment depth can help posts to go viral.

7. Bring in your website visitors with a Follow button

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most effective and what’s simpler than a button on your website turning your website visitors into LinkedIn page followers with a click of a button. Add it to the bottom of blogs, in your footer and wherever else you promote your social media pages.

8. Promote your page in your email signature

Another easy tip that will take seconds is to add your LinkedIn page to your email signature. Add a direct link to your business LinkedIn page with encouragement to give it a follow and know that every time you send an email you’ve had a chance to promote your page.

9. Use your personal LinkedIn profile

Your personal LinkedIn profile is another chance to direct your connections to your company page. Add a link to your LinkedIn Page in the website URL field on your profile or headline and make it easy for those connecting with you to hop across.

10. Analyse your competitors’ pages

As with all aspects of digital marketing, competitor analysis is useful. Review what others are doing on LinkedIn to find the white space that LinkedIn members won’t find elsewhere and aim to fill that with engaging and interesting content.

For some help with LinkedIn or your social media marketing strategy in general, give us a call, we’d love to talk.


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