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So you are a start up…you know what you want to do, what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to. Thats a good start but how do you move the idea to a reality. One of the first things you need is an identity for yourself which underpins all of the above…its the platform from which you will tentatively jump when you launch and its the “thing” that makes your business feel real and credible to your customers and suppliers.

Every ambitious start up owner would have an all singing all dancing brand identity if the budget was there. The reality is you probably have very little spare cash at the beginning.
But you can get what you need, build the basics and make it look great with a small budget. It’s just about being clever about where you put the budget and who you target.
Kameleon”s start up workshops always begin with understanding your customer journey since this helps to focus in the right places. From there its a case of matching the budget to the basics needed to build your brand and to get it in front of your customers in the right places and at the right times. We work with a variety of designers and web developers at different pricing levels, so there is always an option, even for the smallest of budgets.

Kameleon”s client Brighton Land Paddle is a great example of start up marketing done right. Founder, Chris Laing, was passionate about bringing a new sport, land paddling, to the UK. With a small budget available, we worked together to understand his customer journey and went on to develop an eye catching logo, a dynamic website complimented by a suite of professional looking branded literature including letterhead, invoice page, quotation page and names form. We also added a branded email address plus a social media set up of Facebook and Pinterest pages where Brighton Land Paddle could post further images, videos and details about the club and its activities. Within 3 weeks the idea had become a branded live business – customers, suppliers and affiliates would experience an end to end brand, from the first email from Brighton Land Paddle, through a professional quote showing the eye catching logo, to checking out the details on the website, booking in and receiving an invoice.

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