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Your Website Is Your Shop Window

Most small businesses should have a website in this digital age. It’s considered the shop window to the business and most people now do their research for things online via laptops, mobiles and tablets.

We work with lots of different types of clients with different budgets and needs. When it comes to websites it really depends on your business, your products/services and your goals as to what kind of website you need. Whether you just need a website update, or you are a startup looking for a cost effective small site to get you online and launched, we can help. We charge by the hour or by the project and have a number of freelance web developers working with us offering different levels of skill depending on what is needed.

Your Website Is The Hub Of Everything

For small businesses, using your website as a main hub for all of your marketing efforts can be a really cost effective way of managing customer experience. In the current era of “content marketing”, websites become the core of a marketing strategy, and all the communications and promotion around that drives traffic to your website. This in turn helps with SEO and so the merry-go-round begins. Its a good idea to use other marketing platforms like social media for example, to drive customers to your website since this is where you can monitor conversions to sale, hits, behaviour and interaction. It helps you to learn more about your customers, which if you have read any other pages of this website, you will know is very close to our hearts!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive But It Does Need To Be Functional And Branded

We speak to lots of SME owners who think building a website is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. However our one piece of advice is to spend as much as you can on getting your business online. It’s great if a friend who can do basic web development can help you, but in the end you will end up redoing it. You can have a website as basic as a few pages to get your message across right up to larger sites with client areas, commerce elements and blogs.

So What’s The Process With Kameleon?

We work with clients initially in a workshop (online or via collaboration tools like Webex or Skype) where we ascertain exactly what is needed, how the web pages will be used and get under the skin of the business and the target audience. We then advise on structure and content and other ways to consider engaging the audience and from there we end up with a “wireframe” – a basic view as to how the website will build. Next we ensure the branding is strong and clear and understand what visuals are available like images, videos or adverts. And only then do we go into build. We build all of our websites with a Content Management System behind them, so that the business owners can amend, add and blog themselves without adding additional costs in the future by paying a web developer to make changes all the time – this is a very expensive way to do things for small businesses!

Kameleon Marketing offers flexible, affordable marketing services for small businesses and is based in the beautiful city of Brighton & Hove. We work with clients and freelancers from all over East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

Kameleon Marketing

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Registered Office: C/O Intelligent Accountancy Concorde House, 18 Margaret Street, Brighton, England, BN2 1TS.

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