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SEO Attracts The Right Customers At The Right Time

If you have a specific product or service and your target audience are the age to be online, then you will want to be found by them when they search for what they need in a search engine. There are many myths and stories around Search Engine Optimisation – it’s all about keyword stuffing into your copy, it’s expensive, it’s a dark art! None are true.

In simple terms, SEO is about providing relevant, valuable content to match the terms that people search for. The likes of Google have ultra intelligent algorithyms that try to understand what is out there and how it relates to what their user has searched for. All they want to do is deliver the best, most credible, most relevant search result to their search engine users.  There are many things that affect your website ranking – anything from the amount of content and whether it is duplicated in any way, through to the backlinks that point to your site and how credible they are. The one thing it’s not about anymore, is stuffing your copy full of the keywords you need to rank for, as many times as possible, so it borders on the ridiculous! In fact, if you are doing this, you will likely pick up a penalty from search engines – since they are like Big Brother and they know what you are doing.

It’s An Investment Worth Making

If you are in a highly competitive market, then yes, Search Engine Optimisation can be expensive for SME’s. BUT….and it’s a big BUT….there are lots of things that can be done to really make a difference – from simply copyediting the content to ensure it fits with the keywords to finding good backlinks or building a strong social profile. Not all parts of SEO are expensive and most reap rewards. A good first page rank in Google drives sales – and even more so if you rank highly on that page for that search term.

SEO is a longer term investment. The work done to get the site ranking is always there and always adding value – so investment in SEO will never be lost – only built on.

Test The Search Market With Pay-Per-Click (Google Ads)

If you are thinking of investing in SEO but not sure if there is a search market for your product or service, then you could use Pay-Per-Click as a way to test traffic. Google Ads is an effective way to undertake keyword research and see what drives traffic. Give us a call if you would like some help with this.

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