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Marketing Planning For Small Businesses

Do you have a strategy but no marketing plan to deliver it? Do you need to launch a new product, move into a new market or refocus on a new target? Do you want a straight-forward, no-nonsense marketing plan? Do you need some help to understand what marketing you can do with your available budget?

Marketing planning for small businesses comes in all shapes and sizes and can be daunting – for some it’s integral to the business plan and for others a more tactical communications plan is needed. Whatever your “strategy” needs, Kameleon Marketing will work with you to reach your goals, productively and cost effectively.

Marketing Audits

We love to get under the skin of your business and our marketing audits will help us do just that, so that we can guide you in your marketing planning. You need to make sure your marketing is doing the right thing, getting across the right message to the right people and at the right time. In our workshops, we will spend as much time as you think you need, to ascertain where you are now and where you want to be. Once that’s established, we will move into understanding what has been done before, what has worked and not worked and what tools you already have at your disposal.

Marketing Planning Workshops

From our marketing audits, we can then look at how we get you to your goals,  over what time frame and importantly, with what budget. We would all love to have oodles of dosh to spend on marketing strategy but in reality this simply isn’t the case. So focus becomes key – what can you do with the money you have? How can we get the message out there to the maximum audience without breaking the bank?

Give us a call today to discuss an audit, workshop or planning session to take your business to the next level.

Kameleon Marketing offers flexible, affordable marketing services for small businesses and is based in the beautiful city of Brighton & Hove. We work with clients from all over East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

Kameleon Marketing

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