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Branding For Small Businesses

Are you a start-up in need of a new brand identity? Is your branding a little tired and in need of a refresh? Are you a growing small business and in need of a branding workshop?

Whatever your branding needs and whatever your budget, Kameleon works with SME’s to deliver the best solution for your branding. Whether it’s simply a logo, or a top to toe visual identity, we believe branding is an explorative journey and would be very happy to explore it with you.

Branding Is So Much More Than A Logo

Your brand says so much about you – it’s the first thing customers experience of you and for small businesses, your branding can quite often be make or break in a sales situation.

Imagine a customer finds the services they are looking for online and comes across two providers. One has a professional, clean looking website and consistent brand image, colours and great imagery. They have a relevant URL and an email address to match and their copy tells the story of who they are and what they believe. The other has a website without a clear logo, lots of text, no imagery and only a small amount of relevant information. The email address is a hotmail account and the text is dull and lifeless. Which provider would you choose?

It’s easy to underestimate the power of branding for small businesses – however it’s the one thing that shows your professionalism, your position, your confidence and your ethos – these are all things that drive customer choice. Customers want to feel safe with their purchase,  whether it be a product or service. Your branding needs to draw people to you with interest, and then keep them with you feeling safe and secure that they made the right decision. Referral business is a key sales channel for small businesses – don’t underestimate the power your brand has to influence that.

Kameleon Marketing offers flexible, affordable marketing services for small businesses and is based in the beautiful city of Brighton & Hove. We work with clients and freelancers from all over East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

Kameleon Marketing

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