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I recently watched this TED talk on choice. Choice overload specifically – and how it affects sales. We are overwhelmed these days with choice – and this quite often has a direct impact on how we make buying decisions.

This talk discusses the use of certain techniques to make choosing easier for our customers – and this is an approach I wholeheartedly agreed with – but one that I see many small retailers struggling with.

Less is more!!

Many small business retailers want to offer the earth – I understand why. You are there to serve. You want the customer experience to be the best. That’s why you are a retailer! But offering a lot of choice is simply not needed – helping customers to choose the best option, is!

This TED talk discusses the use of concretization – I know it sounds complicated but it’s not really. It’s simply about making the decision feel more concrete in consequence. Like when people spend more when using a credit card than cash – it doesn’t feel like real money right?

Sheena Iyengar also mentions the use of categorisation and about gradually building the complex information a little further along the buying process – again it’s about making things simpler for customers to choose.

Helping to reduce your customers “choice overload” could improve sales figures.

Grab a cuppa and watch!



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