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Guest post by Derek Danielewski


People can make a living from being a writer, and some people have even become famous through being a blogger. As a freelance writer, I’m often asked by people about blogging, like it is a special skill that not many people have. I always reply with the saying that anyone can be a blogger. All you need to do is join a blogging platform and start writing.

The big question really though is how to be a good blogger and stand out from the crowd. As an experienced writer I have some tips and suggestions to help you.


Enjoy writing


This is the #1 thing. If you don’t enjoy writing, what’s the point? If you sit in front of a blank word processing page (I always write using one) for a long period of time like a rabbit in the headlights of a car, then you’re best finding another thing to do. You see I write because I enjoy it. It’s good that I can make some money through doing it, but that’s not the main reason why I write.

Like any job/career/calling, you’re only going to be good at it if you enjoy it. Part of this is that I only take on jobs that I will enjoy doing. In the past, I’ve taken on writing jobs about topics that I have no interest in. The result? I end up phoning it in, and it tells. The articles are terrible as a result. I’m more fussy about the jobs I take on now, and it brings the best out of me as a writer.


Find your unique voice


The best bloggers are known for writing in a style that is unique to them. Write a bunch of articles in different styles and pick the one that people like best. Write more articles in the same style (even if the topics are wildly different).

Soon, you’ll become known for writing in that style and as time goes on opportunities will come up for you to guest blog or even to write paid articles.


Make sure your spelling and grammar is rock solid


This is very important. You could be the most talented writer out there, but if your spelling or grammar is poor you’re not going to get anywhere. People won’t read your articles and you won’t get any paid writing opportunities if your spelling is poor.

Always proof read. Always spell check. Do it again, and then post. If it helps, get a 2nd pair of eyes on your articles before you let them loose into the world. That’s what I do.


Find and learn about your target audience


Clients ask me to write all kinds of articles. Before I even begin typing I do my research. What is the target audience for the client? What do they like reading about? I do this by looking at other companies/businesses/writers who write about the topics I’m being asked about. I also see what the social shares (Facebook likes and comments, Twitter retweets etc) have been like to see what is most popular.   This gives me a much better understanding of the audience I’m writing towards.

If I’m writing a blog for fun, I still look to see what the target audience is, and tweak my article accordingly until I’m sure it is shareable.


Write all the time


This is also very important. I write all the time. Only a small percentage see the light of day on the internet, but writing regularly makes me a better writer. I can get on a roll and it’s at that point that I work on articles I’ve been asked to write. I produce my best work when I’m on a roll, so I do everything I can to get myself focused by writing other stuff first.

Try it, write about a bunch of meaningless stuff and then switch to what you were going to write about. Not only will you be faster, but the standard will have improved too.


Put yourself out there


You’re not going to be known as a blogger unless you put yourself out there. That means setting up your own blog and sharing it via social media. It also means writing for free for other websites to get your name known. Take guest blogging opportunities. Submit articles to various websites and slowly but surely you’ll become known.

Following these steps will make you a better blogger, increase the chances of being asked to guest blog and help you start to make a living from writing blogs. Have fun, and enjoy writing!


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