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I see a growing trend with my clients wanting more knowledge about how to use Facebook for their businesses. This is not surprising, since there are about 30 million users on Facebook in the UK and 50 million small business pages worldwide.


But first, you need a mobile-friendly website!

Facebook recently announced their quarterly figures which showed that there were 934 million mobile daily active users on average for December 2015. And…wait for it….47% of Facebook users only ever access it from their mobile.

So, if your website is not mobile-friendly you are failing to serve these Facebook mobile users and also the 30% of people who browse the internet from a smartphone. If you are wondering why your Facebook advertising is not working – this is probably why.

47% of people who see your advert are on a mobile – if they click on your advert, and they get through to your mobile optimised website, easy to read, navigate AND take action – it’s happy days. However, if they hit your non-mobile friendly website, which they can’t see properly in their smartphone screen, the buttons are too small to navigate with fingers and they have to zoom in to read the text, you will have lost them – immediately. Especially when a competitor offering the same thing, has a site they can browse easily and quickly.

Take action before you are left behind!


Facebook for brand awareness

Where is appropriate, it’s good practice for a small business to have a Facebook business page where you can develop a fan following and share relevant content. DO NOT however, set your business up as a Facebook “person”. I see this all the time with my small business clients and it is not the right way to do it. For one, you can’t advertise from a personal page. Two, people don’t want to be your “friend” – they want to “like” a page – it’s less commitment! And three, you miss all those lovely stats and analytics that a business page gives you, so how can you learn what is working and what is not?


Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook Groups

It’s a Facebook frustration that you can’t post into Groups as your business – you have to post as yourself – but that shouldn’t stop it working for you since people in Groups are interacting with people, and people by from people!

My client, Emma Fullwood, discovered this when she started promoting her business, Zipped Up Mums on Facebook. Using a combination of Facebook pages and private (now sought after!) Groups, her business has flown!

Emma explains, When I first heard of Facebook I didn’t really see the point of sharing my life online. Fast forward 4 years and Facebook has changed my life.  Since starting my mummy and baby fitness classes over a year ago, my Facebook following has grown which in turn means I get more clients to register onto my classes. I started some closed Facebook groups dedicated to motivating mums to get fitter and healthier and these now have hundreds of Brighton-based mums viewing them on a regular basis. Facebook means I don’t need to spend a huge amount on marketing – the majority of my clients find out about my closed Groups via other Facebook networking Groups and I get recommended and tagged all the time”.


Does advertising work for small businesses?

This is a hard question to answer – it depends on a number of things but in particular what you are selling and to who. For retailers, it works wonders, since consumers are online and using Facebook socially rather than for work. For business to business, it would depend on how much the audience would want to interact on a work basis, on Facebook. The audience targeting abilities on Facebook are very good – they have a huge amount of data on their users so you can target right down to the last detail. So if your customers are more likely to use credit cards, you can add that. If your clients are mums, you can target parents. You can even target people who have already visited your website – this is called remarketing.


It’s sadly becoming more and more necessary to pay for posts to be seen on Facebook. Some recent newsfeed changes mean that, unless users interact with page posts (liking or commenting), posts from that page will simply disappear from their newsfeed. If your page views have taken a drop and you were not sure why – this is why! So advertising will become more and more necessary in the future.

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