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Yes. yes. YES. YeS.

I am not sure how many more ways I can type it but YES regular email communications are worth it and should be a key part of your customer marketing communications strategy.

Apart from being extremely cost effective, email bulletins are a way to continue to build that all important relationship with your customers when they are not actually buying from you, to reassure the customers that are buying from you right now but also, importantly, to open up the chance to talk to potential new customers as well.

Don’t be fooled – it’s not all about you!

I see many businesses falling into the trap of writing newsletters only about them – personally if I receive a newsletter that simply tells me about the company’s this and company’s new that, I delete, fairly quickly.

Why? I want value. I do not want to be bombarded with self importance – yes, I would like to hear a little about the company. Yes, feel free to tell me about a new service, or a new case study or a special offer that is relevant to me. But if that’s it, I will quickly start skimming over the next read. I want value. I want to learn something. I want to be entertained.

Content is king

The moral of this story is that content is king. It HAS to add value to the readers for them to keep reading. This “value” can be defined as business or personal value. It also has to look good and be easy to read – visuals are key. So, make sure your content is a bit about you and a lot about your customers. Shared information, top tips, interesting articles, good research, some personal views, a little bit of blog, an inspirational quote of the week – whatever you think your customers want to hear. And if you don’t know – ask them!

This is what will achieve the goals I mention above – to keep past customers reading about you and engaging with you, to reassure current customers that you are present and correct, know your stuff and are not about to go bust and……to make those groups act – by forwarding your newsletter to someone else who might be interested in the content.

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