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Google puts a lot of emphasis on content – you need a steady stream of relevant, valuable, helpful content to rank effectively and to engage your target audience. So why aren’t small businesses blogging like crazy? The main reason is time – most small business owners are also trying to manage marketing, admin, accounts, HR and more – on top of running the business and making sales. However – blogging needs to be prioritised if SEO and building ongoing client relationships is important to your business growth.

As a marketing consultant for small businesses, I advise clients on this a lot – I also write for clients a lot, for this exact reason – my client knows it’s important but doesn’t have the time so has decided to outsource it.

But for those who are happy to blog or simply don’t have the money to pay someone else to, here are some time-saving tips to get a blog out, at least once a month, once a week if you can!

Time-Saving Blogging Tips

    1. Focus blogs on answering customer questions – Every time a customer or prospect asks a question write it down, expand the answer and turn it into a blog. If one person has asked the question you can guarantee there are a number of people who didn’t ask but would be interested in the response. You can even bulk some questions together in a round up post.


    1. Comment on other people’s content – This is a part of what’s called “content curation” – the sharing of other people’s content that is valuable and relevant to your target audience. Instead of just sharing it on social media, write an opinion piece on it and share the link on your blog. Set up a few Google Alerts to track topics of interest to your audience and gather links to a series of informative articles. Make sure you do link to the sources – they will appreciate you mentioning and linking to their site, and may even return the favour.


    1. Ask your customers to tell their story – Customers talking positively about your business is hugely influential and can often be the thing that clinches the deal – taking a prospect from the consideration to the action buying stage. Get some testimonials or a write short case study. An added bonus is the fact that the content is likely to contain many of the keywords you hope to rank for on different search engines.


So – get blogging! Or if you can’t find the time, hire someone who can!

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