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Be There For Your Customers Now – Small Businesses Marketing During Coronavirus

As a small business owner, you will have no doubt been questioning how you can stay relevant and be there for your customers in what are clearly unprecedented times. 

These are heavy storms to weather but it can be done and will be done, by those who can connect with their customers, understand their needs and adapt to the changing situation. The marketing law!

We have one major benefit on our side which wouldn’t have existed if this pandemic had occurred even just ten years ago, and that is just how digitally connected we all are. At a time when we can’t be face to face, the internet is one of our only means for marketing, sales, delivery, customer support and engagement. Websites, social media, SEO, content marketing – all the usual tools in the digital marketer’s kitbag – are now providing a lifeline for many businesses. 

If you hadn’t embraced the digital landscape before, now is the time!

So whether you’re a retailer that’s temporarily closed and looking at how you can now serve your customers or an online business that wants to maximise revenue, here are three key ways you can use digital marketing to be there for your customers:

  1. Use social and email to keep connecting and strengthen bonds

Your customers and followers will want to hear from you. They may have different priorities and concerns right now compared to before this crisis, just as you have in your personal life too, but the reason they bought from you or followed you is still relevant. 

Show them you are still there and that you care. There is a wealth of goodwill and compassion to tap into so be part of it.

Stay visible and relevant on your social channels. Whether that is signposting to helpful resources (how about helping your working parent audience by sharing resources that help them juggle working from home with childcare?), creating new content, or reworking previous content, to provide useful guides or blogs to your customers, running a poll to find out what customers want from you right now, or doing regular updates on Instagram Stories to relate and engage.

Use email to reach out with regular newsletters and updates or just check in with customers with a simple hello and a reminder of how you can help.

  1. Be creative and resourceful with content

You are likely to be a successful small business precisely because you understand your customers and their needs very well. Use this knowledge now to support them. Don’t force your brand into places it doesn’t belong but consider the relevance your business can have to their situation and the opportunities this might open up.

Spend some time thinking about topics that are relevant and timely to your audience right now – what challenges are they facing? Develop a content strategy that leans entirely towards them, fulfils their needs, answers their questions and most importantly of all, helps and supports them in their hour of need.

Review your business model and how you deliver products and services. What you offered in person before will need to be virtual now and could even open up a wider customer base when physical location matters less. 

Necessity is the mother of all invention after all, and this is a great time to look afresh at what you can offer your customers or how you can open up your business to new audiences.

  1. Develop your e-commerce capabilities

This crisis has revealed that having a way of generating revenue online is a lifeline. It doesn’t have to be complicated if this is new, just think about what you can offer, how you can take orders, how they pay, and how it reaches the customer. This might be all through your existing social channels, website, or email with payments through PayPal. Grow from there.

Make sure your website is updated with any new offering, content or updates and make sure it’s visible and performing well. Now would be a good time to brush up on SEO techniques, find out more about social media marketing and online advertising such as Facebook/Instagram ads. 

If you have products that are doing well you’ll want to be able to maximise these and drive traffic to convert to sales.


Finally, don’t forget, we’re here to help! 

Just like your business, our business is adapting to the current situation, and we are here for you. We’ll be publishing weekly blogs on a range of subjects helping you to develop content, build your social following, find the best digital marketing tools, manage PPC and SEO, use video, and more. We also have a new range of bitesize support packages to help you increase your digital marketing expertise.  

Check out our Coronavirus Small Business Marketing Support page for more information or drop us an email.

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