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If you run a small business, the chances are you have probably wondered at some point if blogging is for you and if it’s worth the time and effort. The short answer is absolutely yes!  

Having a strong web presence for your small business is an essential component in being able to communicate and engage with your customers. Add frequent blogging to the mix, especially when combined with social media, and you have a powerful way to promote your business online and add value to your customers.

By blogging relevant and engaging content frequently, you have a relatively easy and inexpensive way to build brand awareness, drive people to your site, attract potential customers and enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

Why should I start a business blog?

Many small businesses out there are hesitant to make the jump and start blogging, but they are missing out on a big opportunity. It doesn’t have to be an intimidating or overwhelming experience. Once you get started, the benefits of your business blog will make the effort worthwhile.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to give blogging a go:

1. Boost Search Engine Optimization

 Search engines love fresh, relevant content and blogging is a straightforward and inexpensive way of creating this. When you consistently create blog posts, you are giving search engines fresh content to index,   and by adding in relevant keywords, you are increasing your search visibility.

2. Develop and strengthen valuable relationships with existing and new customers

Customer engagement is a hugely important element of online marketing, and blogging can give you an opportunity to connect to your customers, whether existing or new, in a more conversational way. By blogging quality content that engages your audience and getting the conversation going with comment and feedback sections at the end of your posts, you are building rapport and creating trust with your customers.

3. Establish your business as an industry expert                                              

Creating content that can be viewed as valuable to your potential customers can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Over time, you can become known as the go-to resource for helpful and informative content. This can help your readers learn about new tools or resources, solve challenges, advance in their own business and can potentially lead to more enquiries and higher conversion rates for your business.

4. Connect people to your brand

Blogging allows you to open up your brands message and can show a more personal side to your customers which you can not normally show using more conventional marketing mechanisms and techniques. It can also show a clear sense of your brand vision, character and personality.

5. Create opportunities for sharing

One of the best parts of a great business blog is the communication and sharing that can take place. Every time you post a blog, you are creating an opportunity for your audience to share it, either by linking to it, sharing it on social media, or by emailing it to others. It’s valuable, free marketing which can validate you as a credible business, and you can learn a great deal about your audience in the process.

In summary…give it a go!

These are just a few of the benefits successful blogging can bring to your business. It may take time, patience and dedication, but you’ll soon reap the benefits once you’ve started.

Good luck!

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