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As a small business owner, organic social media is one of the best low-cost marketing activity’s you can do but it can often feel exhausting to continually generate fresh and engaging content. Many big brands find this difficult so it’s no surprise that a small business owner, who often wears many other hats as well as digital marketing, can also find this tough!

 Here are 10 quick ways to generate engaging social media content when inspiration is needed. 

1. Ask followers what they want to see

Giving your followers a choice of what they’d like to see in your next blog or what they’d like help with not only gives you content by posing the question in the first place but also helps new content resonate and perform well. Facebook or an Instagram poll on Stories can be an excellent way to ask this or if your audience are business professionals then use LinkedIn.

2. Repurpose existing content in new ways

Your back catalogue of blogs, articles, case studies and newsletters can be a source of new social content. Either sharing the piece again on different platforms than you did the first time around, or chunking out the text to use it differently or as individual posts – the content is yours and can be re-used in many ways.

3. Share user-generated content

It might be a great way a customer is using your product or service or perhaps something completely unrelated but too good not to share. Scheduling and sharing user’s content at a later date can be a useful way to mix things up, just be sure to credit the original author in your posts

4. Show the faces behind the company

A peek behind the scenes can provide a new and interesting angle for a post, either a photo and short bio or a video of the person chatting about their role. This can be done with new starters or existing employees Footage or photos from your location or when you are out and about meeting clients also work well – people like to read about people so engagement for posts with faces performs well.

5. Make use of the time of year

There’s a wealth of awareness days, some serious and some fun (World Chocolate day anyone?), that can be used to inspire content. New year, summer solstice, Easter, bank holidays and Christmas – they can all serve as talking points. Most have hashtags associated with them so using these can really help reach.

6. Do a throwback

There’s a good reason why #throwbackthursday or #tbt is still one of the highest trending hashtags and that’s because we all love nostalgia. This can be something that happened fairly recently but you didn’t post about at the time or from the archives that’s too good not to share again.

7. Create some visually appealing images or infographics

Statistics and data can be dry but turned into an infographic it can come alive. Infographics can be easily created on Canva with no special skills needed and in various formats to suit different social media channels (bonus tip…Pinterest loves infographics).

8. Set your own series

It could be that every Monday you decide to run a hashtag to cover the outlook for the week or each Friday is a fun spin on something related to your industry or every Tuesday afternoon is dedicated to a thorny technical subject your customers often grapple with, developing a set focus and time for this can provide a structured format and purpose for your posts, using the same hashtag pulls it all together. 

9. Run a contest or giveaway

Contests and giveaways always perform well and can be easy to set up and run regularly. Just be sure to include terms and conditions and be transparent on how the winner is selected.

10. Let someone do a takeover

Whether it’s an employee or a collaborator sometimes a fresh take can help shake things up. This works well on Twitter or Instagram and could be a day in the life take on things,a mini-blog or an ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) approach. Getting another industry expert in shows you’re well connected and gives back valuable content.

Good luck and get in touch if we can help you further with social media and digital marketing.




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