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Brooks Hypnotherapy

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 Brooks Hypnotherapy
Branding, Copywriting, Marketing planning, SEO Services, Websites
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Brooks Hypnotherapy is run by Helen Brooks,  a Brighton & Hove-based hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner specialising in hypnotherapy for stopping smoking, fear of flying, weight loss, anxiety and other challenges.

Finding Karan has been a godsend I feel very lucky. After 13 years in business my whole online presence needed a real shake up and I was at a loss of how and where to start. To add to that I had a very limited budget. Karan has transformed my business with working with me on a new logo and website within my budget and having seen the business grow from that initial investment I have more recently been able to work with Karan on further website development in terms of SEO and ongoing marketing strategy. Karan is incredibly approachable, knowledgable and patient. As a small business owner having someone like this on your side is invaluable and I look forwards to working with Karan in the future as my business continues to grow.

Helen Brooks, Owner
Helen Brooks, Owner
Brooks Hypnotherapy

What we did

We held a brand workshop to identify what Brooks wanted, the look and feel and what was important. The sun and the colour yellow were important features.
A new website was needed to be the shop window for the business. It had to be clean, simple and easy to navigate. We suggested a blog and testimonials to be included.
A boost to Google ranking was needed but on a limited budget. We did a keyword analysis and set the ranking strategy and from there, copyedited the website content to ensure the content was relevant and valuable. We also set up SEO on each web page. The ranking jumped significantly within a month.
We are writing blogs for Brooks Hypnotherapy to aid the process of ranking and ensure relevant content is available for their target market.