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Social media

Need help with social media?


We often get asked “Do I need to be on social media”? Will it bring me a return? It social media right for every small business? Our response is…it depends. Social media, though touted as one of the best digital advancements in today’s marketing landscape, is not always right for a small business – it really depends on what your selling, who your market is and whether you have the time to manage it effectively. For example if you sell products targeted at over 80s, you are unlikely to use social media to promote it.

However in most cases a social media presence is useful and in some cases essential.  Social media helps you to:

Engage with new customers

Keep in touch with current and past customers

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Offer valuable content to your social audience

Drive instant feedback and communication with your audience

Position your business as an expert or influencer

Drive up SEO and online ranking

Create a strong branded online presence


Which social media platform?


There are so many social media platforms available each with tier own merits, pro’s and cons. The main ones are



Google +



There are others but to be fair social media management is time consuming, so for small businesses, without a huge social media team working it all day every day (and night) it’s best to focus on the key few.

We can help you navigate social media and decide which platforms will be the best for you and how to work them effectively. Our social media marketing workshops are great for the novice to help get you started or can focus on a certian platform in more detail if that is what is needed. We are enitrely flexible and can tailor our help to your needs.


Social media management and measurement

If you are going to use social media then it should be measured and managed properly. There are many management tools out there to help schedule posts, manage multiple platforms at once and manage subscribers – Hootsuite is one we like. In terms of measuring activities, most platforms have measurement options built in – from seeing who has clicked on ads, to who is engaging with your posts, to which headline and hero image works the best in A/B testing. You can even put pixel code on your website to track leads right from the platform, to the checkout page!