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Spread the word with good copy


Copywriting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily at Kameleon, we love copywriting! We write all sorts of things, from web pages to press releases to blogs. We also copyedit things since a lot of our clients are already good at writing and they know their stuff – it just needs to be tweaked to create maximum impact.

Certain things require additional skill – like writing for press for example, or strategically writing for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). These are specialist areas which are best outsourced to an expert – like us! Hopefully us!

Good website copy needs to be optimised for Search Engine ranking if that’s an appropriate strategy for your business. This entails all sorts of techniques and approaches, using a keyword analysis as a basis and can be hugely powerful when done well.

Email copy needs to be to the point and not full of waffle or irrelevant information since the audience is likely reading it on the fly, and on a mobile or tablet during a break or while standing at the station.

Whatever your copy needs, it’s best to give us a ring and we can have a chat about your requirements in a bit more detail.


Kameleon Marketing offers flexible, affordable marketing services for small businesses and is based in the beautiful city of Brighton & Hove. We work with clients from all over East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.