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Marketing Services

Our marketing services for small businesses


We know that we fill a gap in the market. Small businesses often need help with their marketing but can’t afford a marketing agency or a £600 a day marketing consultant. So where do they go for help and advice?

The answer – us!

We offer a variety of promotional, communication and marketing services for small businesses which are affordable and can be delivered as and when they are needed. We work in a variety of different marketing areas with our SME clients, from consultancy and advice to blogging and SEO.

If you already know what you need, that’s great – give us a call and we can price your marketing project by the hour, day or as an overall project cost.

If you are not sure what you need (which is entirely normal for SME owners by the way!) then give us a ring and we can offer some affordable marketing consultancy and advice to help you get some focus.


Marketing can help to reach your goals

Before you start any marketing activity you need to know your goals. We are not talking war and peace here since you are a small business, so that’s not necessary but just a good view of what you are trying to do and where do you want to be. What do you want to sell more of? What targets are you aiming for? Once this is in place you can decide on the right marketing and communications approach to help get you there. We can’t mention strategy without mentioning your target audience.

You cannot market successfully if you don’t know your customers. 

Bottom line – know your customers and potential customers inside out.


Marketing to create fantastic customer experience

Next comes the second vital factor – customer experience. Your biggest sales channel may well be word of mouth – you will not get referrals from people if they have had a bad or uninspiring experience with you. Wow them with amazing service, excellent experience and make them feel totally loved – and you will soon have a sales channel that costs you nothing but that means everything. Marketing services channelled into creating a fantastic customer experience will always bring a return – so ensure your branding is tight, your customer communications are top quality and timely and that you add value through content marketing.


Our marketing services for small businesses include:

Marketing planning



SEO Services

Social Media

Design Services

Email marketing



Kameleon Marketing offers affordable, flexible marketing for small businesses primarily in Brighton, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Gatwick and all across Sussex and Surrey. Find out a little bit more about us here.