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3 Tips For Marketing Small Business On Social Media

We know that social media plays a crucial part in helping small businesses grow. There appears to be no signs of any slowdown of social media usage amongst businesses, and for every site which has seen numbers plateau e.g. Facebook, there’s another medium out there reaping […]

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10 Steps to Small Business Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing mediums.

It’s relevant to businesses within any sector and you don’t need a significant budget to make it work wonders for you. To do it well, you will need to invest some time and a […]

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Top 10 Small Business Marketing Mishaps

As a small business owner, you are more than likely pulled in 101 directions over the course of any day. You are the sales person, product team, marketing manager, operations director, finance manager and IT team all rolled into one.

But marketing is needed for growth. And it […]

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Six Top Tips for Small Business Marketing Success

As a small business owner, undoubtedly marketing features fairly high on your list of priorities. But, with time a precious commodity sometimes it helps to have an idea of where to start on certain tasks. You may have previous experience in marketing, or have never even attempted it […]

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Calling All Small Business Owners…Get Blogging!

Google puts a lot of emphasis on content – you need a steady stream of relevant, valuable, helpful content to rank effectively and to engage your target audience. So why aren’t small businesses blogging like crazy? The main reason is time – most small business owners are also trying […]

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A Simple Formula To Improve Your Small Business Marketing

As a marketing consultant, I see a lot of clients in the same boat – trying to market their business with little budget and even less direction! I am in that same budget boat – though I’m lucky to have the knowledge!

A lot of my small business owner […]

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Our Client Natasha Stromberg, Director of Genderbuzz, Talking Brand…

What do you feel is particularly unique about starting and growing an online magazine business about gender?

I think gender is something we all talk about and have done since the first humans roamed the earth. So many books have been written about the differences between […]

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Top 5 Things I See As A Marketing Consultant

So I am a marketing consultant. I work with many different types of small businesses – I specialise in those with less than 10 employees – local and national reach.

My clients come from many different sectors – some are selling wares to parents, some are therapists, some are trainers &amp […]

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Make “choosing” easier for your customers

I recently watched this TED talk on choice. Choice overload specifically – and how it affects sales. We are overwhelmed these days with choice – and this quite often has a direct impact on how we make buying decisions.

This talk discusses the use of certain techniques to make choosing […]

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Build a good foundation for your marketing

It’s that time of year – the kids will soon be back at school and holidays will be a distant memory and there is that “I need to get organised” vibe in the air.

So you have your new business idea, or you are a business needing a […]

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10 ways to market your small business on a budget

It’s tough out there for small businesses. I know it – I am one too! Marketing yourself on a budget can feel like an uphill struggle.

SME’s face a challenge with marketing themselves. Small (or in some cases no) budget, lack of marketing knowledge, not knowing who […]

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A bit about Online Reputation Management…

So what is Online Reputation Management and why is it important? Is it just another marketing fad?

No, it’s not a fad – it is actually vital for your 2016 strategy and anyone who knows me well also knows that I am absolutely passionate about customer experience – treat […]

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