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About Kameleon

We are based in beautiful Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.

A little bit about Kameleon


I always wanted to be a marketing consultant. Even many years back, when I did my PG Diploma in Marketing, I had written a basic business plan for my “marketing co” as I called it then! After years in corporates, commuting and working for someone else’s profit I finally decided that I wanted to be a marketing consultant. I wanted to work with small businesses, to help them grow, to forge strong relationships and to learn from them everyday.

Kameleon Marketing was born and now I am a marketing consultant based in Brighton & Hove and working with clients from all over East and West Sussex and Surrey. I am a proud member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Sussex Chambers and Brighton Chambers. Behind the scenes at Kameleon is an amazing team of freelance marketing associates working closely together to deliver successful projects for our clients – our designers, web developers, copywriters and SEO experts all share the same passion – to make marketing possible for small businesses. We think there is a clear gap in the market – most small businesses need some kind of marketing help but don’t have the budget or need for an expensive marketing consultant at £600 a day, or over-priced agencies. We bridge that gap. We offer our clients flexible, affordable marketing advice and hands on help as and when they need it.

Long-lasting partnerships are important to us – that’s why we want to get under the skin of every small business we work with, becoming part of the team and sharing the passion for its success.

We provide a variety of essential marketing services in a pick ‘n’ mix approach – this means we can offer flexible marketing options for small businesses in a cost effective way. From strategic marketing planning, through digital marketing, to simple copywriting, our clients can take as little or as much time with us as they need, or as the budget allows. We want to be your go-to marketing consultant and advisor.

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